Urb Finest Saucy Diamonds 3g Disposables


Urb Finest Saucy Diamonds 3g Disposables

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Urb Finest Saucy Diamonds 3g Disposables

Explore the URB Saucy Diamonds Live Resin D8 THCA THCPO 3G Disposable vape, comes with a powerful infusion of Delta-8 THC, THCA, THCPO, Live Resin terpenes, and liquid diamonds that takes you on a whole new-level of hemp high. Prefilled with a 3-gram blend of this potent cannabinoid synergy extracted from natural hemp plants. Power-packed with a finest coil, an advanced battery unit, and an ergonomic body that lets you enjoy a travel-friendly vaping experience. Available in a series of delicious & potent strain profiles, allowing you to enjoy a suitable impression in your cannabis vaping.

Available Flavors:

  • Slurricane: A popular Indica leaning hybrid strain, offering sweet & tangy notes of grapes, blueberries, and tropical fruits with mixed undertones of herbs.
  • Juicy Fruit: A blast of sweet bananas and tangy pineapples blended with Sativa leaning Hybrid strain properties.
  • Purple Urkle: It captures the highlights of the sweet & fruity taste of plums and berries. In addition, the Purple Urkle is a potent Indica hybrid strain that uplifts your cerebral senses delectably.
  • Tangie Banana: It is a well-known Sativa dominant hybrid strain, exuding sweet & tangy highlights of oranges and bananas.
  • Strawberry Gusher: A well-known Indica leaning hybrid strain that offers sweet & sour notes of strawberry candies.
  • Lime Sherbert Punch: A popular Indica dominant hybrid strain, exuding the citrus highlights of sweet & tangy lemon soda.

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Lime Sherbert Punch (sativa), Purple Urkle (Indica), Slurricane (Indica), Tangie Banana (Sativa)


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